Plazas Comerciales

Plaza Girasol

This was the first commercial plaza in Sonora. Plaza Girasol is a consolidated development with an area of more than 41,000 square meters. Inaugurated in 2003, Plaza Girasol offers great flexibility and convenience for visitors and tenants, and has become a landmark of the city. Its ample parking lot, architectural design, commercial variety and safety, make Plaza Girasol the place that goes with you.

Plaza Dila

This Plaza has been recognized as the best shopping mall in the northern sector of the city, one of the fastest growing areas. Designed in an exquisite California style, it offers covered walkways, ample parking and 24 hour security. Plaza Dila offers a wide variety of commercial franchises, local cuisine, shops and services. Plaza Dila is for you.

Plaza Reyes

This is a widely known property located at one of the most important commercial areas in the north. In 2011 Plaza Reyes was redesigned with new and colorful facades, wide covered walkways and offers a 24 hour security. Come and visit the new Plaza Reyes.